Atlanta Campus Registration Schedule


Online Registration Dates for Summer and Fall 2024


Registration begins at 9:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time on designated date listed below for all students.  Prior to registering, all students must accept the Statement of Student Responsibilities on MyMercer.  Some students must also meet with their advisor prior to registering to have an advising hold removed.

Online Registration Step-by-Step Instructions


College/School                                   Summer 2024                 Fall 2024

School of Business                                                                 In Progress                                     April 3rd

College of Education                                                             In Progress                                     April 5th

College of Health Professions                                              April 2nd                                       April 2nd

College of Nursing

(Traditional Programs)                                                                TBA                                               TBA

College of Nursing
(Accelerated BSN Only)                                                              TBA                                                TBA

College of Pharmacy                                                               April 2nd                                      April 2nd

College of Professional Advancement                                In Progress                                   April 4th

School of Theology                                                                   April 3rd                                      April 3rd


*This schedule is subject to change and will be updated as needed*