Calendar: Nursing

Georgia Baptist College of Nursing of Mercer University

Academic Calendar 2017-2018

Georgia Baptist College of Nursing reserves the right to make changes to this calendar

Fall 2017

First Day of Class                                          August 21

Drop/Add Fee Payment                                August 21 – 28

Holiday: Labor Day                                        September 4

Last Day for Course Withdrawal                 October 27

Early Spring and Summer Registration      November 1 

(Undergrad Both Spring and Summer &Grad Students Spring ONLY)

Last Day to Apply for Spring &

Summer 2018 Graduation                            November 3

Holiday: Thanksgiving                                   November 22 – 26

Last Class Day                                                December 16

Grades Due from Faculty                              December 19

Spring 2018

First Day of Class                                           January 8

Drop/Add Fee Payment                                January 8–16

Holiday: MLK Day                                           January 15

Last Day to Apply for Fall Graduation         March 26

Last Day for Course Withdrawal                 March 22

Early Summer Registration                          April 4 (Grad Students)

Last Class Day                                                May 5

Grades Due from Faculty                              May 8

Commencement                                            May 12

Summer 2018

First Day of Classes                                      May 21

Drop/Add Fee Payment                                May 21 – May 29

Holiday: Memorial Day                                  May 28

Early Registration for Fall                              June 21

Last Day for Course Withdrawal                 June 22

Last Day to Apply for Fall Graduation         July 6

Last Class Day                                                July 27

Grades Due from Faculty                              July 30